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The Importance of Latch-on

Many common breastfeeding issues can be traced back to one main cause: poor latch-on. Correcting your baby's latch early will make a big difference.

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Breastfeeding and Breast Refusal

Breast refusal can be a common problem. Especially if your newborn has had some bottle or uses a pacifier a lot. Your baby may seem confused and even refuse the breast. Sometimes babies have difficulty latching-on if your nipples are soft and flat.

Funny Breastmilk

Breastmilk may not always look or smell like the cow's milk you're used to seeing. In fact, it can be affected by many different factors!

Selecting A Breast Pump

Walk into a baby store and look at the wall of breast pumps. It is hard to make a decision about which one will be effective and comfortable for you!

Breastmilk Over-supply

Do you feel like you have more milk than your baby can drink? Does your baby have frequent, green, loose stools Does he gain weight faster than average? Does he appear to be in pain or pass excessive gas? That is breastmilk over-supply.

Breastfeeding e-Course

Get ready to breastfeed with this 11-section video e-course. In each video segment you’ll learn important knowledge and techniques to make breastfeeding go smoothly from the start!

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